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About Us

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Mission Statement:

Impacting children spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically. “Train up  a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


Vision Statement:

Mission Kidz preschool seeks to provide an all day faith based age appropriate  educational program. We are an extension of Mission Ebenezer Family Church. Our ministry seeks to impact our community by providing a loving, safe, clean environment  in which any child can grow.


We aim to equip the child by providing curriculum which  is supplemented by biblical instruction, and Christian principles. We will provide faith based moral development that leads to age appropriate competencies, self-confidence, and high self-esteem.


Mission Kidz Philosophy:
Our program is designed to develop children in an environment that promotes hands  on experiences as they work and play together. Children learn best by being actively  involved in their world. Children will explore: science, dramatic play, fine & gross  motor skills, math, and reading activities to prepare them with the skills needed for kindergarten.


Our Program:
Learning, Trips, Centers, and Naps



  • Abeka Book

  • focuses on character development

  • clearly charts and reinforces skills needed for kindergarten

  • provides opportunities for hands on learning, play, repetition, and practice

  • teaches basic concepts in each theme: letters, shapes, numbers, ordinal numbers, and colors.

  • Explores Bible stories through the senses: Each Bible story is taught using five activities that focus on the senses.

  • Teaches core subjects through a circle time. Math, language, social studies, and science.

  • Provides opportunities for learning through play. While playing, children physically develop their muscles and dexterity; mentally build concentration, imagination,and creativity; emotionally develop compassion and caring; socially boost language skills, sharing, and self-esteem; and spiritually learn how to love God and others.


Field Trips:

  • Preschool children are always learning. When they observe, touch, see and smell – they are learning. It is a never-ending part of their young lives and is important for children to experience new things and new environments. By visiting places we will give the children the opportunity to learn about the community and their surroundings.

  • Field trips are a part of our educational program and will be taken periodically.



  • literacy

  • art

  • blocks

  • manipulative play

  • science


Nap & Snack time:

  • each child will have their own cot that they will use everyday for nap time. Although a cot sheet is provided, children must bring personal blankets from home.

  • Two healthy snacks and lunch will be provided by parents.

What We Offer:

  • ACSI (Associated Christian Schools International) membership.

  • Nonprofit organization licensed by Department of Social Services of the State of California.

  • A safe and nurturing Christian environment with age appropriate materials

  • Monthly chapel time

  • Highly educated and qualified staff

  • All staff are CPR/First Aide certified/Reporting Mandated Certificate

  • Faith based curriculum through Assemblies of God.

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Sponsoring Organization:

Mission Ebenezer Family Church

(Call today for a tour and more info about our center!)


Employment Opportunities

We take pride in our services offered to our local communities. We employ fully qualified staff who believe and stand firm in the curriculum and every day activities provided by our preschool.
If you are interested in being a part of our staff please feel free to print our Employment Application and forms.  You may also fax your resume and transcripts to us.  We are always interested in meeting qualified and experienced educators.  If we do not have an immediate opening, we would love to be able to contact you at a later time.

Please send your resume and transcripts to:
Mission Kidz Preschool
E-mail to:

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